New Jersey Direct Install Program

A big challenge to improving your facility’s energy efficiency is knowing where to start and how to navigate your utility company’s rebate process. Fortunately, CM3 can help.

As an approved Trade Ally and Direct Install contractor, CM3 works within your energy company’s Direct Install rebate program to identify and replace inefficient equipment with high-efficiency alternatives. Many customers qualify for a rebate up to 70% of their retrofit costs.

We also provide complete transparency regarding the project cost and savings opportunities.  We conduct a complimentary site visit, followed by a detailed quotation that identifies each rebate that is available and exactly what the actual net costs will be.

Additionally, New Jersey Energy Companies provide a 60-month, interest-free loan to qualified entities for the remainder of their balance. This means in many cases the customer’s monthly loan could be covered almost entirely by their energy savings, resulting in minimal changes to the energy bill.

Who is Eligible?

New Jersey businesses (non-residential customers) that have an average annual electric demand of 200 kW or less. (Customers with >200kw should reach out for information about other additional Clean Energy Program rebates available through your utility company, such as the Prescriptive & Custom Program and the Energy Management Program).

What Equipment is Eligible?

Most heating, cooling, refrigeration and lighting systems, such as:

– Packaged Rooftop Units
– Split Systems
– Boilers, Furnaces, Heat Pumps
– Programmable Thermostats
– Electric Lighting and Lighting Controls
– Domestic Hot Water Heaters
– Variable Frequency Drives
– Economizers & other HVAC Controls

Direct Install Program Benefits

Complete Turnkey Process – The Direct Install contractor takes care of everything from assessment to rebate eligibility to installation.

Minimal Cost – Rebates up to 70% of material and installation costs.

Ongoing Savings – New energy-efficient equipment provides ongoing savings.

Financing – The On-Bill-Repayment option enables free, 60-month financing to qualified entities.

Quick Turnaround – Project installation in as few as 60 days from assessment.

How to Get Started

Assessment: Schedule a complimentary energy assessment from CM3. We’ll conduct a site visit and review your utility bills.

Proposal: Our energy specialists compile the energy assessment, then we review the results with you, including which measures qualify, the amounts of all eligible incentives, and what your share of the project will cost. We’ll also include projected energy savings, so you can estimate your ROI.

Project Approval & Installation: You determine which energy savings measures to pursue and then contract with us to install those energy-saving upgrades. Your local utility company will conduct pre- and post-inspections of the work to ensure the job was completed in keeping with program rules.

Payments & Savings: You achieve ongoing energy savings through the installed upgrades. Payments for those upgrades can be made by paying it directly or by financing it through the utility company’s On Bill Repayment plan.

Ready to get started?  Reach out for a complimentary, no-obligation energy assessment.

You can also read our 7 FAQs about New Jersey’s Direct Install Program.