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Niagara 4


Tridium is a leader in building application frameworks. The Niagara framework, by Tridium, is one of the most pervasive operating systems in the world and is a leading integration platform for total building control.

Niagara is a facility control solution designed to make buildings smarter, safer, and more efficient. Utilizing Niagara, buildings have lower operating costs, contribute to a sustainable environment, and deliver a substantial return on investment.

Niagara is an open protocol solution with open distribution. With Niagara, the burden of product and vendor lock is lifted, and the end-user gains control of what they integrate into their building, and with whom they do it.

Incorporating control over HVAC, lighting, security, and other building solutions, Niagara enables comprehensive monitoring and management of nearly every aspect of your facilities.


  • Preserve existing investments and integrate them with new technologies
  • Access and control your diverse systems through standard web browsers
  • Access the system across all devices
  • Generate better actionable intelligence from the system
  • Integrate different systems to support better overall facility management
  • More effectively secure access to your system from outside threats


Niagara 4 is Tridium’s newest software solution and has provided a number of improvements to enhance the user experience, migration and integration capabilities, and system security.


Niagara 4 provides a new user interface utilizing HTML5. It is modern and easy to use and is compatible across all devices which provides greater accessibility and mobility for the user. The optimized workflow of the new UI Framework allows the user to visualize, manage, and respond to their system data with greater speed and precision.

With a more intuitive interface and standard tagging, end users are able to be more independent and conduct searches and assessments of their systems as they have need. With a simple dashboard design, the user interface can be configured to provide the necessary data displayed with a better visualization.


Niagara 4’s new templating and tagging features enable greater design standardization and accessibility. Standard templates can be stored and made available for replication and adjustment as needed, resulting in a more efficient design and deployment process.

Developers will find a number of improved ready-made tools to greatly speed and support development. System training demands have also been reduced, and an open API makes it easier to extend, develop, and build upon the Niagara 4 framework.


Building on the security of previous Niagara versions, Niagara 4 is secure by default. Authentication requires users to choose strong credentials, and both data in motion and sensitive data at rest are encrypted. Niagara 4 also uses Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), making user permissions easy to configure and less error-prone. All user actions and security-related events are recorded in Niagara’s audit log for traceability.


The quality of any Building Automation System (BAS) installation is defined by two things; the quality of the system design and the quality of the system integrator deploying the system. CM3 Building Solutions has been designing and installing Niagara solutions since Niagara came into existence, and had helped create the market for this solution in the greater Philadelphia region.

Building Automation Systems, when properly designed and installed, can generate significant long term value for the end-user. BAS systems will reduce energy waste in a facility and will extend the lifecycle of equipment throughout a facility. A properly configured BAS system will also increase occupant comfort and health, which will increase productivity and decrease absenteeism.

The ability to integrate many disparate building systems into a BAS solution can provide central control over all aspects of a building. This solution provides a level of building insight and control previously impossible. Smart buildings utilize information from the entire building to improve every aspect of the building environment and the occupant experience.

Investing in a BAS system is an important decision. Whether it is a new installation, migration, or integration, choosing the right solution and the right partner can improve the bottom line of your organization.

Contact us now to discuss how CM3 and the Niagara framework can help you achieve your facility management goals.