Performance Contracting

Budget-Neutral Capital Improvements for your Facility

Performance Contracting is a budget-neutral path toward building modernization. In addition to energy efficiency initiatives, Performance Contracting is a Construction Management Solution, enabling building owners to address broader facility modernization and capital improvement projects, funded through operational savings.

Beyond the benefit of comprehensive capital improvements, Performance Contract projects also provide the customer with better accountability and easier access to every aspect of the project:

  • One point of contact
  • Elimination of unanticipated cost overruns
  • Better control over: renovation scope, equipment selection, subcontractor and partner selection, final costs, and timelines

Comprehensive Modernization Capabilities

CM3 Building Solutions specializes in assisting public entities with maximizing the functional and financial performance of their facilities. By partnering with CM3, your organization will have access to the most comprehensive suite of facility modernization capabilities. From indoor air quality and energy efficiency to security, fire, and life safety, our technology and engineering experts identify the best technical solutions to improve the performance of your buildings and enhance the well-being of the people within.

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Security and Life Safety
  • Comfortable Temperature
  • Water Conservation
  • Noise Reduction

Partnership You Can Count On

Our team is personally invested in your project’s success. The CM3 team assigned to your project has a combined 175 years’ industry experience, with most of that time spent at CM3.

This means you have more than a project team.

You have project owners, passionate people committed to delivering the highest quality across all project deliverables – timing, product, implementation and service.

Experience. CM3 brings local, hands-on experience to your project. With the region’s most highly-tenured project managers, engineers, and energy specialists, we have served the K-12 community for two decades, completing +$400M in infrastructure improvements.

Quality. As a local business, we pride ourselves on earning the goodwill of the community which we serve. Each and every project, regardless of its nature, size or location, is our priority, and we deliver the highest quality goods and services to that project.

Service. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, and we continually strive to deliver on that goal with 70% of our customers choosing to conduct additional projects with us and many more providing customer referrals.

Deliver your Best Outcome

We know that pursuing the performance contracting process is much more than maintaining your facilities. It’s about creating a safe and comfortable environment for staff to work, for students to learn, for your community to thrive.

We deploy the building solutions that help people to feel well, think well, and be well.