Performance Contracting

Take Control of Your Facility Capital Improvements

Intelligent Energy Is Smart Business.

With Energy Solutions driven by advanced thinking and cutting edge technology, CM3 customers have reduced emissions and pollution, reduced energy consumption, and improved system efficiencies while creating a more comfortable and productive environment for building occupants.

CM3’s Performance Contracting Program allows owners to make building improvements funded through existing operating budgets.

Maximizing energy efficiency and implementing leading-edge technologies

  • Energy Surveys and Analysis
  • Project Engineering & Design
  • Comprehensive Building Improvements
  • Turnkey Project Management
  • Guaranteed Savings to Performance

As your energy partner, CM3 Building Solutions, Inc is with you for the long term, helping you manage your energy needs as your business changes. By maximizing energy efficiency and implementing leading-edge technologies and practices, CM3 can help position your organization for success now and in the future.

A Better Way To Modernize Your Facilities

Aging Building Infrastructure is a growing epidemic throughout our public institutions.

Issues like deferred maintenance, inefficient equipment, and aging or overused materials throughout our facilities perpetuate the process of building deterioration.

Issues such as budget constraints, and taxpayer concerns, make it difficult to justify and fund the construction of new facilities. Facility Rehabilitation and Modernization may be the most effective path forward.

Performance Contracting provides a cost-effective path toward building modernization, and a solution for extending the useful life of your facilities for decades to come.

Beyond Energy Savings

Performance Contract Legislation in Pennsylvania allows Public Entities to have more control over necessary capital improvements of their facilities. Traditional energy savings measures can be combined with necessary facility capital projects to provide a larger scale facility improvement solution.

Traditional Energy Savings Measures:
  • Lighting Upgrades
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Mechanical System Upgrades
  • Roof Replacements
  • Building Envelope Updates
Non-Traditional Measures Executed Through GESA Legislation:
  • Surveillance Systems Replacements
  • Access Control System Installation
  • Auditorium Renovations
  • Carpet and Tile Replacements
  • Parking Lot Repaving
  • Exterior Building Signage
  • Sports Fields Renovations
  • Tennis Court Refurbishment
  • Gymnasium Updates

Turnkey Solutions – We Will Carry The Burden

One of the most valuable aspects of performance contracts over traditional bid/spec projects is the project guarantee.

Providing a turnkey solution guarantees a finished solution that meets the customers agreed upon expectations

The key components of an effective Turnkey Projects:
  • Approved Comprehensive Scope of Services
  • Completed on Time
  • Completed on Budget
  • No Unanticipated Additional Burdens on the Customer.

Success is Dependent on the Quality of the Trusted Partner.

CM3 has been successfully completing Performance Contract projects since 2003 and has performed as many as 4 unique project phases with our customers.

Customers continue to hire CM3 because we spend every day providing solutions that address today’s issues while planning for future needs in the facility.

CM3 are experts at maximizing performance scope while maintaining the project budget and completing projects within the agreed-upon timeline.

Performance Contracting provides better control over:
  • the scope of renovations
  • the type of equipment installed
  • the partners managing installations and upgrades
  • the final cost of the project
  • the timeline for completion of necessary renovations

Your Energy Services Company (ESCO) is a Construction Management Provider

The greater the project complexity, the greater the potential for delays and cost overruns. Traditional Construction projects demand independent scopes of work managed by independent contractors who traditionally work by trimming their budget low enough to undercut their competitors. Traditional bid and Spec projects are necessary at times. But performance contracting provides a viable alternative to the traditional building construction and renovation process.

Performance Contracting as a Construction Management Solution

As legislation has allowed performance Contract project scopes to expand beyond traditional pay-from-savings measures, ESCO’s have become construction management firms to effectively manage more extensive project scopes. CM3’s role as a construction management provider for comprehensive Performance Contract projects provides the customer with better accountability and easier access to every aspect of the project.

The Benefit to the Customer of a Single Prime through Performance Contracting:

  • One point of contact
  • One point of accountability
  • Better Management over the scope of work
  • Elimination of unanticipated cost overruns

Performance Contracting is an effective solution to managing large scale facility improvements. Whether they be traditional capital improvements or energy efficiency improvements, CM3 is the right partner for your project.

Contact CM3 to learn more about how we can help you modernize your facilities, and gain greater control over the renovation process.