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Building Automation System Service


Building Automation Systems (BAS) provide automated control of the building environment. While most facility managers understand the need for preventive maintenance of mechanical equipment, many fail to recognize the significant value of preventive maintenance on the Building Automation System which controls the equipment.

As with any system and equipment, ignoring ongoing care and maintenance can lead to significant issues throughout the facility.

  • The function of the BAS system will diminish
  • Equipment throughout the facility will deteriorate more quickly
  • Occupant comfort will be negatively impacted
  • Building operational costs will increase

There are a number of key tasks that should be performed during BAS Preventive Maintenance to protect building efficiency, building investments, and optimize occupant comfort.


Trending data is like the vital signs of a building system. A BAS professional will learn a lot about a system by monitoring trending logs.

Everything that a BAS system manages is also tracked. Trending logs provide insights into changes in the HVAC equipment which may go unnoticed by the building occupants or maintenance staff. These trending logs help identify when equipment schedules are misaligned, and more importantly when equipment operation is sub-optimal or showing signs of pending failure.

Regular BAS Preventive Maintenance allows for issues to be identified and addressed before they become large, more expensive problems.


Schedules in a Building Automation System provide an optimized structure for the HVAC equipment usage. A properly managed schedule controls HVAC equipment run times based on anticipated occupancy. When a schedule is properly designed, it can drive significant energy savings and significantly increase the optimal life of the building’s HVAC equipment.

In the regular function of buildings, however, schedules are overridden for a number of different reasons. If the override is not turned off, the schedule is no longer providing the efficiency and occupant comfort it is intended to provide.

BAS preventive maintenance regularly monitors schedule changes and overrides so that the HVAC system provides optimal energy efficiency and greater occupant comfort when it is needed.


Properly designing and deploying a Building Automation System is a significant investment in both labor and finances. Backing up your BAS programming provides disaster recovery assurance so that the investment made to program the system is not lost.

An important aspect of BAS Preventive Maintenance is providing regular system backups to protect your investment and reduce downtime in the event of an incident.


Alarms provide notifications of issues in the system. They proactively communicate to designated personnel what needs to be addressed to keep the system running optimally. When alarm parameters are misconfigured, or system operation is less restricted, the number of ‘false’ alarms can increase which may either decrease the likelihood of response or overextend the responsibilities of maintenance personnel. Either of these outcomes leaves a facility at risk.

BAS Preventive Maintenance can provide ongoing support to better optimize system alarms so that maintenance personnel receive fewer distractions and can better utilize their time addressing emergencies.


Implementing BAS Preventive Maintenance provides a number of benefits to a facility.

  • It protects investments made in equipment and programming
  • It increases occupant comfort
  • It provides better utilization of facility maintenance personnel
  • It reduces energy usage in a facility
  • It increases the lifecycle of controlled equipment

CM3’s team of BAS Preventive Maintenance personnel provides ongoing support to hundreds of customers throughout the Tristate region. Our experienced staff regularly supports 18 different control lines which may control just one building or an interconnected network of 10 or more facilities.

CM3 is the right partner to support you in effectively maintaining your Building Automation System.

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