Optimization Services

CM3 Building Solutions has been delivering energy solutions for more than 20 years.  With a team of energy, building automation, and HVAC engineers and specialists, we deliver a range of optimization solutions to improve the performance of the critical and complex systems that control today’s smart buildings.

From individual HVAC units to intricately engineered building automation systems, we service, monitor, and optimize the equipment and systems to deliver operational and energy savings across facilities.

CM3’s Optimization Solutions are designed to ensure maximum operational and energy efficiency, whether that is periodic maintenance activities or ongoing, monitoring solutions. We provide flexible, customizable optimization solutions for facilities of any size or complexity.

Preventative Maintenance

Keep your equipment operating at its best. Flexible, preventative maintenance plans deliver confidence in your equipment. And, auto-scheduling of maintenance visits with email/text notification ensures worry-free, regular inspections.


Proactively discover the issues that are negatively impact energy consumption. Our detailed field assessment and expert data analysis identify the corrective actions that are needed, ensuring optimal performance of your building systems and identifying potential problems before they result in downtime.

Monitor-Based Commissioning

Achieve lasting energy savings through ongoing monitoring of your building. With our monitor-based commissioning solution, you can view your building operations as a whole, collecting and analyzing data continually to ensure consistent peak performance and constant energy savings.

Central Plant Optimization

A complete central plant control and optimization system that delivers maximum energy savings. Providing optimal HVAC system performance and control through the use of an exhaustive search algorithm, identifying the combination of setpoints, equipment sequences and conditioned-space parameters that result in the lowest energy input and/or lowest instantaneous cost of production.

Complete Optimization Services

We offer complete optimization services from identifying the initial savings opportunities to ongoing monitoring to ensure those targets are achieved.