Garnet Valley School District

Project Summary

A multi-phase performance contract project for a large, public school district based in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, within the Greater Philadelphia area. Garnet Valley School District serves the town of Chester Heights, Bethel Township and Concord Township. Owner benefits included enhanced occupant comfort, energy savings, solutions for failing systems, and standardization of equipment.

Performance Contract Services

  • Lighting Retrofit & Controls
  • Boiler Replacements
  • HVAC Conversion
  • Air Handling Unit Replacement
  • Chiller Replacement
  • Energy Management System Installation, DDC
  • Rooftop Replacements
  • Propane to Gas Conversion
  • Fire System Upgrade
  • Indoor Air Quality Improvements
  • Stadium Lighting
  • MS Cafeteria Expansion
  • Cooling Tower Replacement
  • VFD Installation
  • Building Envelope Upgrades
  • Ground Source Heat Pump Regeneration

Key Information

Project Cost: $35.7 Million

Financing: Bond Refinance and traditional Bank Loan

Project Savings: $1.6 Million/YR

Contract Terms: 15 Years

Facilities and Square Footage

Number of Buildings: 5

Square Footage of Project: 800,000

Description of Use: Schools and Administration

Duration: 3 Phases – 5 Mo. 7 Mo. 6 Mo.