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Communication Services

Connected Communications

Connected Communications has become infinitely more important. As the necessity for connectivity and communications has increased, so has the cost to meet the ever-increasing demand.

Technology has continued to charge forward, and IP connectivity has disrupted many well-established and antiquated industries. The long-standing monopoly of the phone or telecommunications providers, as well as their burdensome pricing structures, are being eclipsed by solutions that utilize modern connected platforms and IP communications to create more scalable, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for every business.

Communication Services encompasses solutions that help each organization connect to each other, and to the world, safely and efficiently.

Hosted Telecommunications

CM3 hosted Telecommunications ensures scalability, mobility, and reliability for your changing needs.

Building occupancy concerns and the need for employee mobility continue to put strain on the operational efficiency of each organization. Our hosted telecommunication solution ensures operational continuity for your organizations communications by allowing business communication lines to function remotely for your employees, regardless what location they work from.

Ensure that the value gained from your telecommunications investment is optimized by migrating to a hosted solution that can migrate with you.

Learn more about CM3’s Hosted Telecommunication Solution HERE.

Voice Over IP Phone Systems

Built on an Android backbone, Voice Over IP phone systems through CM3 Building Solutions provide the most reliable, adaptable, and robust solutions on the market.

Unlike many of the larger legacy providers, VOIP systems through CM3 remove the costly burden of license fees which makes them very cost effect solutions at scale. IP connectivity provides the ability to diversify the types of phones available for your system, including hardwired and wireless options.

Utilizing a phone solution built on an Android platform means taking advantage of apps available through Android and increasing the scope of communication and productivity tools available through one platform at each workstation.

The unparalleled “wired gigabit throughput” at each phone means that each user will enjoy the communication speeds available through your network, without the unnecessary speed limitation present in most legacy phone solutions.

Learn more about CM3’s Voice Over IP phone solution HERE.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services is focused on ensuring security and accessibility for your IT network and equipment.

As our organizations incorporate more technology equipment and devices, it becomes increasingly important that IT support be maintained. The process of handling updates, patches, secure connections, and software installations on an ongoing basis can become burdensome to any organization.

Given the potential risks present when an organization’s IT infrastructure is not properly protected, it becomes increasingly important to entrust a dedicated and knowledgeable professional to provide IT Services.

Managed IT services available through CM3 can help ensure that your organization remains secure while ensuring productivity and accessible for your employees and clients.

Learn more about how CM3 can help you better manage your IT infrastructure and assets by clicking HERE.