Scalable, Seamless Phone and Information Technology Solutions

With so many communications products and services, choosing the right phone or IT solution can get pretty complicated, pretty quickly. At CM3, we’re passionate about communications technology. We continually look for the most cost-effective, flexible solutions so we can help you navigate the best options.

We focus first on your needs, rather than on products, to deliver custom, hassle-free solutions that work for you.

Customer-Driven Approach

You don’t need products. You need solutions. We take a customer-first approach, working to understand your unique business needs and objectives before recommending products and services.

Knowledgeable Consultation

Our leadership team has a combined experience of 50+ years in communication services, cyber security, and business technology services.

We serve as both consultant and product expert to help you:

  • Explore and assess different options and providers to identify the solution that works best for your evolving needs.
  • Leverage existing infrastructure with the latest technologies to create scalable, cost-effective technology and communications solutions.
  • Achieve best-in-class integrations for exceptional connectivity, intrusion protection, threat detection, and mitigation services without compromising network functioning.

Flexible Services for Any Need

  • New installations. System expansions. Complete replacements.
  • From ongoing communications services to one-time projects.
  • From simple installations to complex integrations.

Phone Systems (Hosted and On-Premise)

Phone systems are essential to business operations but choosing the right system for your evolving needs can be challenging. CM3 offers both hosted and on-premise phones to ensure scalability, mobility, and reliability for your changing needs.

Our experienced team helps you assess the options to find the right balance of affordability, building occupancy, and employee mobility.

Managed IT Services (General Technology Services and IT Support)

Not every business can justify a dedicated IT department. That’s where we come in. CM3’s Managed IT Services ensure that your IT network and equipment are maintained on an on-going basis, so you can focus on your core business.

We provide end-to-end network support, from handling updates and patches to securing connections and managing software installations. We even provide 24-hour technical support.

Other Communications Services

As an expert in cloud-hosted communications and technology equipment, we provide solutions for all your communications needs.