Founded on Energy Efficiency

Energy and efficiency may be “newsworthy” recently, but at CM3, energy and efficiency are – and have always been – our mission.

Twenty plus years ago, we were founded on a belief that we could maximize the comfort, safety, and efficiency of buildings in our community. And, that is what we have been doing ever since.

  • From HVAC maintenance to retrocommissioning
  • From building automation systems to indoor air cleaning
  • From performance contracting to energy analysis

Our range of optimization solutions delivers energy and operational savings opportunities to customers across the tri-state region and nationally.

A Complete Energy Solutions Portfolio

Our experienced team of engineers, energy modelers, building automation technicians, and commissioning specialists takes a holistic approach to energy optimization, offering efficiency solutions that reduce operational and energy costs across the built environment.

  • Energy Services
  • Design Services
  • Construction Services
  • Performance Contracting

We work in partnership with our customers to provide customizable, complete energy solutions for facilities of any size or complexity:

  1. Identify energy & operational opportunities
  2. Calculate projected energy savings
  3. Recommend available energy incentives
  4. Review procurement and financing options
  5. Deliver turnkey energy services, from design through installation
  6. Monitor and optimize building systems, continuously

Why Work with CM3?


We see ourselves as more than your contractor. We are your Energy Consultant, looking strategically beyond the project at hand to deliver long-term facility modernization goals and energy efficiency planning. Our dedicated Project Management Team is actively engaged throughout the entire project and is in direct contact with our Leadership and Ownership Team who are just a phone call away.


CM3 brings local, hands-on experience to your project. With the region’s most highly-tenured project managers, engineers, and energy specialists, we have served the K-12 community for two decades, completing more than $1 billion in facility modernization across the tristate region.


Our team is personally invested in your project’s success. The CM3 team assigned to your project has a combined 175 years’ industry experience, with most of that time spent at CM3. This means you have much more than a project team.

You have project owners – passionate people committed to delivering the highest quality across all project deliverables – timing, product, implementation and service.


Our philosophy is to be proactive, open, and flexible and truly become an extension of your team. Our candid communication and “no surprises” approach establishes a relationship grounded in trust and leads to a successful, seamless project. This collaborative approach is evident in our unparalleled customer referrals and our +70% multi-phase project rates.

Local Roots

As a local business headquartered in Montgomery County Pennsylvania, we pride ourselves on helping our communities create healthy, safe, modern spaces for learning, working, and gathering. Each and every project, regardless of its nature, size or location, is our priority, and we deliver the highest quality service and products to that project.

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