Energy Analysis

Comprehensive Energy Analysis for Benchmarking and Informed Decision-Making

The CM3 energy analysis service enables customers to have energy-related data collected prior to project design for the purposes of baselining consumption and identifying areas of waste through analytical methods.

Led by one of our Certified Energy Managers and Mechanical Engineers, the Energy Analysis encompasses a detailed data analysis over time and data points. Collected data includes:

  • Historical Monthly Utility Bills (12-36 months – electric, gas, water, etc.)
  • Historical Smart Meter 15-minute interval data (12-24 months – electric & gas where possible)
  • Trend data from existing Building Automation Systems
  • Recorded energy readings from short term installation of portable power/BTU meters
  • Recorded environmental readings from short term installation of data loggers
    • Air temperature
    • Duct or surface temperature
    • Relative humidity
    • Light level
    • Vibration

The collected data is disaggregated by day of the week and building closures according to the building occupancy schedule. The data is then weather normalized to isolate the effects of temperature fluctuations on energy consumption. Advanced metrics and charts, including energy use intensity, GHG emissions, hourly load profiles and heat maps, are created to visualize and share the analyzed data with the client and all relevant stake holders. Potential savings estimates are generated in tandem with proposed energy conservation measures during project development.

Our Energy Analysis services are available to new and existing customers, and we also serve in a consultancy role for companies with smaller energy teams on various energy initiatives and projects.

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