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History & Mission Statement

Our Mission

CM3 consistently provides every customer with the optimum solution to maximize the comfort, safety and efficiency of their facility.

We listen to our customers, we understand their challenges and we deliver results.

Our History

CM3 Building Solutions, Inc. provides complete Energy Services, Total Building Solutions, Security, Access Control, Building Analytics and Optimization services, Information Security, and Component Supply to commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental and other types of facilities. It is a privately held Corporation serving Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, and providing Energy Services to the Eastern United States.

CM3 Building Solutions, Inc was established in 2002 by virtue of a buyout of an existing Invensys Building Systems branch office in the greater Philadelphia area. The branch office had been operating in this area for more than 50 years.

The buyout established CM3 as the sole manufacturer’s representative of the Invensys line of Automation Controls products in the greater Philadelphia area. Invensys was originally two separate branch offices of the Barber Colman Company and Robertshaw Controls. In the mid 1980’s the British firm Siebe PLC purchased both companies and merged them into Siebe Environmental Controls. In the late 1990’s Siebe PLC acquired another British firm BTR. At the time of this acquisition Siebe changed its name to Invensys PLC and Siebe Environmental Controls was renamed Invensys Building Systems. Since 2002, the Invensys brand had become TAC, and has now become Schneider Electric. CM3 building Solutions, Inc has continued to provide the same level of support and service to its Automation Controls customers through these transitions.

In addition to its controls capabilities, CM3 has provided Energy Services to a customer base throughout the entire east coast. With insurance and bonding capacities to meet requirements of any size project, CM3 has been able to assist customers in realizing millions of dollars of budget reductions through cost effective energy and performance upgrades.

In 2009, CM3 Building Solutions, Inc. expanded into the Security Technologies market and has established itself as a regional leader, assisting customers in gaining control of building access and monitoring. Since 2009, security and access control has been the fastest growing department in CM3.

In 2014, CM3 expanded its offerings to include Building Analytics and Optimization which has provided an additional path for our customer base to obtain greater control over the energy usage and run times of their Building Control and Mechanical Equipment.

CM3 has most recently extended its services to provide Information Security services, ensuring that our customer’s networks remain secure against the threat of cyber attacks. The addition of this service has effectively rounded out CM3’s already robust list of offerings.

CM3 Building Solutions, Inc has continually focused on structuring its business to meet the growing needs of its customer base.