Is the Desk Phone Dead? 7 Reasons It Isn't.

Although home phones have gone the way of home radios, the desk phone is not dead. In fact, even with the pandemic – actually partly because of the pandemic – many CM3 customers (and companies nationwide) are expanding their desk phone deployment. Why? A few driving factors:

1. Familiarity. Desk phones are central to the way many businesses operate. They are a familiar and reliable tool for staff, providing a reliable and dedicated portal for voice communication, and delivering wideband audio (high-definition sound).

2. Feature Rich. Desk phone manufacturers have really upped their game, delivering technologies that drive productivity, such as video calling and text messages. And, intuitive user interfaces offer a user experience similar to a smartphone so teammates can speed dial, seamlessly switch to speakerphone, and easily access the directory, messaging, and other functions – without extensive training.

3. Easy Deployment. The modern IP desk phone is simple to deploy and manage, thanks to cloud provisioning and management platforms. There is no ethernet wiring, firewall configuration or network testing required.

4. Reliability. The IP desk phone is highly reliable. If the network or internet goes down, calls come in and go out via the cellular network to ensure business continuity.

5. Modern Workplace. IP desk phones are perfect for telecommute and mobile work environments. Phones are easily moved to any location with a network signal — at the office, home, on the go, or customer site. Essentially, you just power it up and configure it like you would a smartphone.

6. Control. Multi-line handsets enable entities to efficiently manage high call volumes – whether the call agent is transferring calls to the office across the hall or across the country. And, the busy lamp field (BLF) enables teammates to see which colleague is on the phone at any given time – even when that colleague is miles (or continents) away.

7. Flexibility. Today’s desk phones are available in a range of prices and configurations, enabling even small entities to obtain high-end, call-center quality features on a budget.

CM3 provides the Grandstream and 3CX on-premise phone systems, as well as cloud-hosted solutions. For more information about desk phone deployment for your organization, please reach out.