25 Ideas for Performance Contracting Facility Modernization

GESA/Performance Contract legislation is more than a budget-neutral approach to energy-efficiency projects at your facility. It’s a highly-efficient tool to fund necessary capital projects.

What’s more, those capital projects can include both traditional energy savings measures, as well as non-traditional facility modernization initiatives.

Here are the top 25 ways CM3 customers have leveraged performance contracting to modernize their facilities in a no-risk, greater-control, budget-neutral manner.

What’s on your facility bucket list?

Traditional Energy Savings Measures

  1. Lighting Upgrades
  2. Building Automation Systems
  3. Mechanical System Upgrades
  4. Roof Replacement
  5. Window Replacement
  6. Building Envelope Updates
  7. Emergency / On Site Power Generation
  8. Electrical System Upgrades
  9. Renewable Energy Systems
  10. Indoor Air Quality Improvements

Non-Traditional Measures Executed Through GESA Legislation

  1. Surveillance Systems Replacements
  2. Environmental Remediation
  3. Access Control System Installation
  4. Auditorium Renovations
  5. Multipurpose Room Renovations
  6. Carpet and Tile Replacements
  7. Painting
  8. ADA Compliance Issues
  9. Parking Lot Repaving
  10. Exterior Building Signage
  11. Sports Field Enhancements
  12. Stadium Renovations
  13. Field Lighting
  14. Tennis Court Refurbishment
  15. Gymnasium Updates

As Performance Contract project scopes expand beyond traditional pay-from-savings measures, CM3 has become one of the leading ESCO-based, construction management firms in the state, successfully completing performance contract projects for nearly 20 years. Our service provides our customers with better accountability, easier access, and enhanced control over every aspect of their project.