How Digital Connectivity Addresses 4 Building Objectives Post-Pandemic

In the wake of the pandemic, building and facility stakeholders are re-examining their strategies and preparing for a new way of working. Today’s expectations among both facility leadership and facility occupants bring a new level of scrutiny and demand — enhanced sanitation, social distancing, HVAC performance, and so on — that didn’t exist prior to the pandemic.

So how do building and facility stakeholders move forward under the new normal?

The New Objectives

Building owners and facility managers are focusing on four key areas to meet the new demands of the returning workforce.

  1. Safer space management
  2. Enhanced occupant well-being
  3. Improved occupant engagement
  4. Streamlined operational efficiency

Digital Connectivity as the Way Forward

Unfortunately, yesterday’s building systems won’t meet these objectives. The way to rise to the challenge is through digital connectivity.

Digital connectivity is what connects people with building systems, granting unprecedented control over building operations. It’s what connects facility managers with all the crucial data their systems generate each second, allowing them to command and conquer energy waste and downtime. And it’s what connects the various building systems themselves under a single, coherent “system of systems.”

A Building Automation Example

But how does a Building Automation System actually help facility managers meet those objectives?  We break down the components of the Schneider EcoStruxure platform to show how each piece fits into the overall puzzle:

EcoStruxure Building Operation

An open and secure building management platform that integrates multiple systems for centralized, real-time control, across one to many enterprise buildings. It allows managers to improve occupant well-being and manage operational efficiency from a single pane of glass.

EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor

This integrated workplace management system provides visibility into current space use, helping to optimize space management and boost occupant well-being. Dashboards with data from IoT sensors and systems provide actionable insights, and employees can connect to their smart offices using office mobile apps.

EcoStruxure Engage Enterprise

An intuitive app that can be used to send occupants safety updates.  It also offers your workforce extensive out-of-the-box services, such as smart parking, room booking, comfort control, dining options, and more on a single, intuitive platform.

EcoStruxure Building Advisor

An intelligent building analytics software that continuously monitors core building systems to identify faults, enable predictive maintenance, and improve overall operational efficiency.

EcoStruxure Power Advisor

This power analytics software monitors electrical networks to empower service teams with better visibility into electrical data, further improving data quality and optimizing operational efficiency.