6 FAQs about the Niagara SMA

1.What is the Niagara SMA

This is a software maintenance agreement purchased through your building automation provider which entitles you to receive the most recent software release which contains the latest cybersecurity protections from the manufacturer. Additionally, the SMA provides access to the latest Niagara technology for graphics visualization, provisioning, tagging, analytics, certifications, compliance and more.

2.What is the timeframe for the SMA?

The SMA is available in 1-, 3- and 5-year increments with new installations receiving a standard 18-month coverage period on all new hardware and instances.

3.Why should I get an SMA?

There are many benefits to the SMA as listed below. But, the single most important benefit – given today’s extreme cyber threat landscape – is the cutting-edge cyber security defenses which are continually created and updated.

  • Access the latest technology, such as tagging and visualization improvements.
  • Easier asset management
  • Access to Niagara Analytics upgrades
  • Access to emerging and adjacent drivers, such as MQTT & OPC UA
  • Driver updates for open and proprietary protocols
  • Certification updates

4.How does the SMA work?

New Systems

Your equipment purchase comes with a minimum standard 1-year SMA. Note that the initial SMA coverage period for new installations is 18 months. You also have the option to purchase a 3- or 5-year SMA, rather than the standard 1-year SMA.

Existing Systems

If your existing system is not currently covered by a SMA, you can purchase a SMA in 1-, 3– and 5-year increments.

  • Prior to purchasing the SMA, it is essential to determine whether the equipment you currently have is capable of an upgrade.
  • Your BAS company would conduct an onsite assessment, at time and materials rates, to determine your Niagara network’s profile. Then, a migration path is designed to update the system.

5.How do I get the updates?

While having a current SMA provides access to the latest Niagara technology, it does not automatically ensure that the updates happen. A knowledgeable building automation systems technician needs to be onsite to conduct the updates.

6.What are the types of SMA?

Enterprise SMA

For facilities with a large portfolio of Niagara product, the Enterprise Software Maintenance Agreement (ESMA) process addresses the issue of managing multiple end terms on SMA. The EMSA process generates a single bill of materials (BOM) for Niagara licenses with a single SMA license renewal. Enterprises with an inventory of Niagara products that includes a percentage of expired and soon-expiring software maintenance agreements can benefit from attractive discounts and generous ‘grace’ periods to get those licenses aligned.

Asset Manager

For facilities with multiple Niagara product that are IoTconnected, the Niagara Asset Manager provides an easy way to manage the Niagara-based building infrastructure. With a single view of all Niagara instances, regardless of the brand or company that did the installation, administrators can view Niagara assets and check Niagara SMA compliance at a glance. They can also organize assets based on criteria of their choice, such as by location or system type.