Lockdown Solutions

Turnkey, Comprehensive, Fully-Integrated Lockdown Solutions

CM3 Building Solutions has extensive experience designing, integrating, and installing lockdown systems for all types of facilities – from schools and healthcare to commercial and public entities.

Solutions Built to Your Needs

  • Our Security and Engineering Team will consult with you to understand your physical facility, occupant population, and existing equipment.
  • Choose from stand-alone options or integrate your lockdown solution with other building systems such as paging, mass notification, and video surveillance systems.
  • We have extensive experience designing systems to meet New Jersey’s Alyssa’s law and similar legislation in other states.

Seamless and Understandable

  • Systems are only valuable when people feel confident using them and can do so quickly and easily. We identify and deploy reliable, seamless solutions that work for your assigned users. And, we provide detailed end-user training and appropriate documentation for your team.

Ongoing Support

  • Your lockdown system is a life-saving solution, and we support it as such. With a fleet of service vehicles and a full staff of technicians, we can have technical support on site quickly, and we have a 24/7 customer hotline.

Lockdown System Capabilities

  • Immediately initiate an alert condition from any designated initiator
  • Communicate with first responders
  • Accessible from a computer, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Real-time visibility and individual room tracking, including a facility map that indicates the location of the activated pull station.
  • Standard color-coded alerts
  • Automate lockdown procedures through integration with access control systems and link to integrated video solutions
  • Strobe lights, which provide visual notification
  • Integration with public address systems provide audible notification

The Components of our Lockdown Systems

Alarm Door Supervision

  • Doors are actively monitored to track movements in and out of the building
  • Can be used to trigger alarm notification
  • Supervised to force alarm conditions to key personnel

Lockdown Initiating Device

  • Sends lockdown notification to central station
  • Triggers lockdown on access control system
  • Activates notification devices, including laptops and mobile

Cameras and Video Management System (VMS)

  • Interior and exterior cameras can be automatically triggered to turn on in the vicinity of the incident
  • Camera feeds around the incident will pop up on administrator screens
  • Video screens are made accessible to First Responders
  • Live stream video from select mobile devices can be integrated into the VMS

Access Control Readers

  • Card readers are locked down on all wireless and hardwired doors
  • First Responders are given access through the locked doors

Lockdown Communication Devices

  • Email and text messages are sent indicating a lockdown
  • Emergency notification strobes are automatically triggered
  • Digital signage automatically displays a predefined lockdown message
  • Public Address Systems are initiated to broadcast the pre-recorded lockdown message

Redundancy and Monitoring

  • Redundant Central Station Communication (Cellular Communicator & Ethernet)
  • UL Certified Central Station Monitoring with Priority Monitoring & Response
  • UL Listed Hardware with Device Supervision
  • System Supervision
  • Battery Backup

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