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Access Control

Access Control Systems Provide Control Over Entry Permissions To All Controlled Areas Of A Facility.

Manage your facility effectively through both IP-based and hard-wired access control systems provided by CM3 Building Solutions, Inc.

It is about controlling who goes where and when.


The value of Access Control extends well beyond management of the entry points into a building. Learn more about the diversity of uses and applications for next generation access control

Providing Full Control Of Your Facility That A Standard Lock And Key Cannot Deliver

  • IP Based Access Control with optional cloud services
  • Complete flexibility – Access can be granted to users according to time and place
  • Enhanced facility control for administrators and law enforcement in the event of a crisis
  • Integration with IP Access Control and IP CCTV/Surveillance systems
  • Intruder and fire alarm integration
  • Effective Asset Management tool – Protecting students, personnel, and property

WE HAVE THE SOLUTIONS For Your Security Needs.

Access Control allows you to generate card-holder and system activity reports and immediately restrict or expand user rights to access, Whether it be a single door system or an integration into your automated building system.