Crisis management

Experienced Deployment of the Industry’s Leading Rapid Emergency Response System

CM3 deploys the BluePoint® rapid emergency response system which instantly notifies emergency responders and building occupants of an emergency situation, expedites a rapid response, and empowers people to make more informed decisions.

We have extensive experiencing designing, integrating, and installing Rapid Emergency Response Systems for education institutions and other customers across the tristate region.

Our Security and Engineering Teams conduct a site and need assessment to recommend a system configuration and equipment placement that works for your specific facility or campus.

The BluePoint® System

Designed for use in crisis situations, the BluePoint® system leverages an intuitive, simple user interface – similar to a fire pull station – which ensures that no one has to be trained on how to activate it. Wearable mobile pendants provide even greater ability for people moving about the building to immediately and securely activate the system if they see a problem.

How it Works

  • Strategically located pull stations and wearable mobile devices provide easy alert coverage throughout the facility including parking lots, outdoor play areas, and all campus buildings.
  • Once activated, the platform provides two-way communication through mobile communication.
  • With strobe lights and audio messaging, the system notifies all occupants of a building, including visitors.
  • Audio messaging provide direction and reminders of response protocol, as well as assurance that police are on their way.
  • Strobe lights reinforce messaging, particularly for outside and high-ambient noise areas.


Familiar and Intuitive

  • Similar in appearance and function to the universal fire pull station, the system is simple and intuitive to activate.

Fast and Reliable

  • With 24/7 supervision, the automated rapid response system redundantly notifies building occupants and first responders with seconds.

Versatile and Dynamic

  • The system can be customized to fit each building’s unique needs and provides real-time, two-way communication between occupants and emergency responders.

Additional Integrations

Silent Alert

  • With 2 clicks of the mouse, a notification is sent through our Command & Control system to designated groups of people with exact location information of where to assist.

Two-Stage Response

  • If desired, internal first responders are notified first. If the situation is beyond their capabilities, they initiate second-stage notification to external first responders.

Sound Detection Integration

  • Both gunshot and breaking glass sound detection systems can be seamlessly integrated with the BluePoint® Solution to provide even faster response times.

Access Control / Fire Door Activation

  • The BluePoint® control panel provides integration with access control and fire door activation systems so that doors can be locked and unlocked at your discretion and the direction of law enforcement.

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