CM3 Awarded COSTARS-30 Energy Consulting Contract by PA Dept. of General Services

Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. June 20, 2023 – CM3 Building Solutions, Inc. was recently awarded the COSTARS-30 Energy Consulting Contract by Pennsylvania’s Department of General Services (DGS).

The contract award enables CM3 to provide energy consulting services, such as commercial energy audits, utility bill auditing, and energy monitoring under the COSTARS program.

CM3 has been delivering energy consulting and energy services to the municipal community throughout Pennsylvania for nearly twenty years.

“CM3’s energy consulting services are integral to our identity as a company,” states John Hollister, Executive Vice President of CM3 Building Solutions. “One of our core principles is to maximize efficiency in buildings. To that end, we offer multiple paths to energy efficiency – performance contracting, retro-commissioning, monitor-based commissioning, building automation systems, and more.”

COSTARS is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s cooperative purchasing program and serves as a conduit through which registered and eligible local public procurement units and state-affiliated entities can leverage contracts established by DGS to cost-effectively and efficiently identify suppliers with whom to do business.

The company holds COSTARS awards for maintenance, repair and operation equipment (COSTARS-8), for auditorium renovations (COSTARS-34) and for security, surveillance, and fire alarm systems (COSTARS-40). The COSTARS-30 award includes various energy consulting services, including rate auditing, commercial energy auditing, utility bill auditing, energy monitoring, energy analysis, and energy advice, among other things.

“Energy efficiency is a goal that every community can be proud to pursue,” Hollister observes. “And with the COSTARS-30 award, CM3 can make this goal accessible to more Pennsylvania communities.”