6 Examples of Access Control Integration in Multi-Family Properties

Developers and property managers often find themselves managing various systems for access control, intercom, and apartment entry. Selecting systems that offer integration and flexibility streamlines operations and delivers efficiencies.

A popular solution CM3 Building Solutions provides is the Openpath access control and intercom solution paired with Schlage wireless locks and Ava surveillance cameras. When integrated, this solution delivers a single pane-of-glass interface for property managers and complete access control for building entries, common areas, package rooms, apartment units, and visitor / guest access management using a single mobile app or credential.

Here’s an example of how it might work:

Access + Video

Openpath’s Video Reader Pro and Video Intercom Reader Pro solutions automatically associate video footage with access events, alerts, and motion, and visually monitor entries in the Openpath mobile app and the Control Center. The Video Reader Pro and Video Intercom Reader Pro are ONVIF Profile S and T compliant, and can easily integrate with third-party video management systems, and works with standard Wiegand wiring to connect to legacy access control panels.

Self-Guided Tours

With the Video Intercom Reader Pro, you can see and speak with a prospective tenant and grant them access to the property with a simple press of a button via the Openpath mobile app. Simply assign temporary access to prospective residents so they can tour the property and available apartment units on their own, at a time that is most convenient for them.

Guest / Visitor Access

Residents and property managers can create and send mobile guest passes with a text or email. This provides flexibility and a simple way to provide temporary or scheduled access for friends, family, babysitters, and trusted service providers while providing an audit trail and a record of every visitor.

Secure Package Rooms

Today’s online shopping trends mean property managers are challenged with how to manage the influx of package delivers. Openpath’s Video Intercom Reader Pro can be installed on the building entry door to allow couriers to call the property management office or use an access control credential to gain access to the building. Installing a Video Pro Reader on the package room door provides both access control and video surveillance of whomever enters the package room. Increased surveillance can be achieved by using Ava video surveillance cameras integrated with the Openpath access control system.

Restricted Community Access and Parking

Openpath and Ava security solutions can enhance property value and safety with restricted-access communities, parking lots, and garages. The Openpath platform provides a cost-effective way to provide access control, intercom, and surveillance. The Ava cameras and LPR solution provides insight into vehicles entering and exiting your property. Monitor the traffic flow and time of entry/exit, identify vehicles of interest, and collect fines on repeat offenders.

Elevator Access Control

Adding access control to elevators enables property managers and tenants alike to secure and control access to specific floors based on the permissions assigned to them. Visitors can be assigned temporary access to selected floors for a defined period of time. This allows the visitor to walk through the building lobby, enter the elevator, select the correct floor, and travel to the desired apartment, without providing unrestricted access to other floors in the building.