UCaaS: 10 benefits & 4 Purchasing Tips

Are you considering Unified Communications (UCaas) for your business communications model? Or a hybrid model to achieve the best of both worlds (on-premise VOIP with money-saving SIP trunks that connect your on-prem to the world)?

Unified Communications (UCaaS) might seem intimidating, but really it is as simple as taking all your organization’s communications and putting them over the internet (IP). By integrating voice, data, video, and mobility applications, organizations are able to optimize business processes, achieve greater flexibility, improve workplace collaboration, and enable users to communicate anytime, anywhere.

The Top 10 Benefits of UCaaS

  1. Connect geographically-dispersed offices and remote workers allowing them to access the same communications features as headquarters via desktop, mobile phone, video phone, video conference system, etc.
  2. Reduce long distance calling costs and cellular charges, even travel costs
  3. Low upfront system costs and no long-term equipment and service costs provide excellent Return on Investment (ROI)
  4. Simple, user-friendly technology
  5. Obtain mobile support for remote workers and road warriors
  6. Access and share information internally and externally to be more productive and competitive
  7. Access work phone lines and voicemail via mobile phones or to receive voicemail via email
  8. Telepresence and video conferencing technologies help unite and manage off-site employees
  9. Strengthen customer service by using features like IVR and call routing queues for superior call handling
  10. Adhere to open-source SIP standards (product dependent) to allow businesses to confidently add newer technology with easy integration

4 Purchasing Tips

Be sure to dig into the details when you receive your UCaaS quote, so you understand what’s included and what’s not. Here are 4 things to ask for more information about:

  1. Determine what features are included in the base product price to ensure you have the features you need to be competitive.
  2. Look at ongoing or recurring fees. These can quickly add up and impact your overall operating budget.
  3. Be aware of add-on licensing fees, so you can enhance your system as needed, without being discouraged by “turn on” fees.
  4. Ask about future software and firmware update fees.

And, reach out to our VoIP Communications Team for a complimentary needs evaluation and UCaaS consultation.