Public Address

Public Address and Mass Notification Systems that Evolve with Your Needs

Today’s PA systems are much more than overhead paging. They are an essential function in your mass notification solution.

CM3 Building Solutions is a trusted provider of Public Address and Mass Notification systems for hundreds of educational, municipal and commercial organizations in our community.

With thirty years’ experience in public address systems, our team understands legacy equipment and excels at systems interoperability. We analyze your current technology to seamlessly and cost-effectively integrate existing equipment with new technology to enhance your day-to-day and emergency communication solutions.

Our industry-leading solutions enable management of public address, intercom, mass notification, district-wide paging, bell schedules, event drills, digital signage and synchronized clocks. And, we integrate our communications solutions with emergency, lockdown and fire alarm systems, so you have a comprehensive crisis communications plan.

Migration Planning

We understand that when a facility is already invested in legacy technology, starting over is not a realistic option. We will design a technology migration plan that:

  • Leverages existing infrastructure wherever possible
  • Fits within your budget
  • Builds for your future
  • Gives you confidence now

Versatile, Feature-Rich Systems

  • Analog and VoIP Solutions, including the industry-leading Telecor line of communication products.
  • Hands-Free Communication. Teaching Staff can communicate hands-free to Office Staff from any location in the classroom utilizing an open voice intercom.
  • Speakers inside the classroom provide superior sound quality, wide-area coverage, and intelligibility, ensuring that the dialog is error-free.
  • Programmable Call Switches. Communication systems maintain the priority and call sequences of calls placed to the administrative consoles; the highest priority call always comes first.
  • Communication Zones. Visual console makes zone communication easy to set up and manage. Access to each zone is achieved by simply touching the appropriate zone icon to initiate a voice announcement.
  • Flexible Messages. Pre-recorded or live voice communication
  • Visual Messages. Broadcast to scroll across Electronic Message Displays. Helpful for students with hearing disabilities.
  • Multi-lingual Capabilities. Broadcast visual and auditory messages in multiple languages to ensure fast and accurate comprehension.
  • Mobile Options. Integrated capability for emergency communication to mobile devices

End User Training

  • We conduct detailed training upon system installation to ensure that everyone can operate the system with confidence.

Exceptional Support

  • We know your communication system is an essential service, and we support it as such. With a fleet of service vehicles and a full staff of technicians, we can have technical support on site quickly, and we have a 24/7 customer hotline.

Our Solutions

We install and service various public address systems, and we have extensive experience with the award-winning Telecor family of products.

CM3 has installed more than 100 Telecor systems since 2015.

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