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IP Video Surveillance / CCTV

With Our Partnership, You Will Gain Maximum Control Of Your Environment

CM3 will help you create one of the most intelligent, responsive security systems in the world by investing in integrated security solutions. With our partnership, you will gain maximum control of your environment while reducing capital expenses and building operating costs.

  • IP based Megapixel technology
  • Enhanced detail for student and staff ID and vehicle/license plate ID
  • System migration and seemless integration with existing analog or digital system

A Safe Controlled Environment Is Essential When It Comes To Your Most Important Assets.

  • Advanced compression using H.264 technology reducing bandwidth and storage demands
  • Deter Theft and Vandalism
  • Record Valuable Information in the Event of Security Breach
  • Remote Access and Monitoring

As with most organizations, the progress toward securing a facility moves forward in stages. As such, most facilities already have a number of obsolete security components accounting for a capital investment which is difficult to discard.

This process maximizes security control while minimizing your upfront capital expense.

CM3 Building Solutions, Inc. specializes in utilizing preexisting systems, while integrating them with a state-of-the-art front end, and providing a path toward future migration.

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