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Unified Communications (UC)

A Consultative Approach to Your Unified Communications Solutions

The CM3 team has been providing communications solutions to a highly diverse set of customers for decades – from small offices to multinational branches across virtually every industry.

We know that finding the right communications solution means balancing innovation, security, speed, efficiency and financial goals. We work with you to understand your business and then recommend the right mix of communications services.

Leveraging the Skyswitch platform, our Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) sets up your business for tomorrow’s opportunities and challenges. It delivers instant connectivity through the cloud to improve collaboration and communication. The features, benefits and performance redundancies inherent in UCaaS provide reliable, secure tools that enable your onsite and remote teams to work better, collaborate faster and perform smarter.

A Complete UCaaS Solution

  • Hosted Phones
  • Call Center
  • Virtual Fax
  • Web Conferencing
  • Video Surveillance
  • Business SMS
  • SIP Trunks

Offices of Any Size

We provide a consultative approach across the spectrum of businesses and institutions, from single-owner businesses and small offices to local branches of international companies.

Key Benefits

Cost Reduction

Because your UCaaS provider hosts the equipment at their facility and provides you with access to the service through the cloud, you don’t have to purchase a lot of hardware to host the service at your own facility. You also save in IT expertise because you are not administering the system, nor are you storing, updating, or maintaining the system. These are the responsibility of the UCaaS provider, which gives you the benefit of reliability and updates without the effort of completing the updates yourself.

Additionally, UCaaS offers cost savings through consolidation. In a multi-site environment, you can eliminate individual telephone circuits (traditional phone lines) at each location, consolidating all locations into one centralized site, resulting in reduced hardware and significant cost savings.


UCaaS gives your business flexibility in how it communicates. When you have a UCaaS platform, you can choose between multiple communications methods, including voice, video, email, social and text. You can also access these channels on numerous types of devices, including computers, tablets and smartphones. And, you can access these devices from any location, thereby making your business highly agile.


UCaaS combines your communication channels into a single platform, giving you one place to check messages and enabling you to quickly switch back and forth between communication methods. It also ensures that all your employees have access to the same information and resources wherever they are. Everyone is connected to the same system, so you have continuity whether employees are in the office, on the road or remote.


UCaaS enables enhanced collaboration, which can boost productivity and bring about new ideas. Employees have numerous channels to engage through, plus advanced features such as screen sharing and voicemail messaging

Disaster Recovery

Designed to protect business customers through increased reliability and survivability during unexpected service interruptions, UCaaS provides continuity of service by systematically re-routing incoming calls to cell phones, voice mail boxes or branch offices.

Scalable Solutions

Customers are often required to over-engineer their communication systems by purchasing more lines than they really need. UCaaS lets you scale in increments of one, and you can flex up or down depending on seasonality and demand.

Remote Workers

Companies that have premise-based PBX’s often cannot offer features to their employees who work remotely. With UCaaS, you can offer remote workers full capabilities for voice, video, and messaging.