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Phone Solutions that Fit Your Needs

Phone systems are essential to business operations but choosing the right system for your evolving needs can be challenging. CM3 has extensive experience installing and servicing both hosted and on-premise phone systems. We represent industry leaders, such as Grandstream, Yealink, and Polycom, among others. We’ll help you understand the features and limitations of each option and determine which solution works best for you.

Knowledgeable Consultation

  • With our extensive industry experience and customer-driven approach, we are both consultant and product expert. We first understand your needs, before identifying the best options.

Stress-free Installation

  • Our team of technicians and engineers develop detailed project plans, before they get onsite. So, your installation happens seamlessly and with the least amount of impact to your business and staff.

Customer Support

  • With a 24/7 customer hotline and a fleet of technicians, we can be there when you need us.

Product Options

Our product line-up features several industry-leaders to give the most flexible, cost-effective solutions, including Grandstream, Polycom, and Yealink.

Hosted (IP) Systems

As the need for decentralized work environments increases, our hosted solutions ensure operational continuity for your communications by allowing business communication lines to function remotely for your employees, regardless of their work location.

On-premise Systems

For businesses with a more traditional, centralized work environment, our on-premise solutions provide affordable, reliable options, that can be scaled up as your business needs evolve.


Modernize how you manage your voice communications with CM3's VoIP Solution

Why CM3 for IP-based Phone Systems

No License or Renewal Fees

There are no license or recurring fees associated with any device or user application. This sets CM3’s VoIP solution apart from many legacy systems currently deployed in many facilities. Additionally, firmware updates are also available at no additional cost for the life of the system.

More Device and Phone Solution Options

  • Android interface devices
  • Traditional enterprise devices
  • Portable devices
  • Softphone solutions

Lower Migration and Management Costs

  • Better manage costs associated with both local and long-distance business communications.
  • One network can be shared by all organization locations rather than having to build and maintain multiple networks.
  • Ability to utilize your existing investment and integrate it into a new IP solution.


Open platform to utilize conferencing and productivity tools available through Android and integrate conferencing solutions available through your organization, such as Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet.

No Slowdown in “Wired Gigabit Throughput”

Many organizations avoid dealing with multiple network drops at each workstation by running both voice and data access through the desktop phone. Most legacy systems, however, throttle data speeds through the phone device which limits to communication speeds available at the workstation.

CM3 provides VoIP phone devices that do not throttle data speeds and provide wired gigabit throughput to the end device.