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Hosted Telecommunications


How long have you utilized the same bank of telephone communication lines in your organization?

As your organization has grown, have you struggled to scale your telecommunications bandwidth to accommodate your increased capacity?

CM3 Building Solutions utilizes SkySwitch to provide an effective migration away from traditional phone lines to an IP connected phone network.

There are many benefits to migrating to an IP connected phone network:


Because communication lines are managed through IP, they are easily scalable to meet the growing needs of your organization. Bandwidth is no longer limited to the existing communication trunk. Our solution is easily and rapidly scalable.


While the overall cost for an IP system will likely be less expensive than a traditional phone system, savings are also realized as the system expands. Licenses are available per-user, so additional lines are purchased on an as-needed basis, rather than as a batch which may go mostly unused for significant stretches of time.


With Redundant infrastructure and active Fail-over, SkySwitch provides the highest possible Uptime for your IP network.


Incorporate Mobile devices into your IP telecommunication solutions to gain greater flexibility for your entire team. Mobile integration has become increasingly important during the pandemic and provided a path to keep communication open and accessible for your remote and geographically distributed team.


Support for legacy systems is becoming increasingly hard to find, and the knowledge needed to support these systems is aging out of the industry. Much of the equipment necessary for ongoing support has also become obsolete, so materials needed for ongoing maintenance have become more difficult and more expensive to procure. Migrating to a modern system provides greater access to more affordable maintenance and support.

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