Retro-Commissioning Provides a Cost-Effective Alternative to Replacement

Many older or poorly maintained buildings have veered off their intended design. This impacts customer comfort, energy consumption and puts undo stress on the facilities team.

The purpose of retro commissioning (RCx) is to identify and repair the deficiencies within a building that are preventing the building from operating as it was commissioned and designed. Once a building is retro commissioned, any energy conservation measures implemented will perform at peak efficiency due to the surrounding equipment starting from an optimized baseline.

At CM3, our goal is to repair and refurbish older equipment achieving the same result as replacing the equipment. Unlike other companies who might recommend a “rip and replace” approach, CM3 offers a different strategy that is industry-recognized and provides proven results.

The CM3 RCx solution is a systematic process that quickly identifies deficiencies and allows for repairs based on severity and impact.

The CM3 RCx process is performed by a standardized review and test of each mechanical system. Once field work is complete, a comprehensive report and repair recommendations are provided. The repairs are then performed and commissioned. And, an optional MBCx (Monitor-Based Commissioning) can be put in place to better realize benefits and ensure performance


Pre-functional Testing

  • Verification of original installation
  • Documentation of mechanical faults

Functional Testing

  • Test and verify DDC or Pneumatic outputs.
  • Verification of DDC analog inputs using calibrated testing equipment
  • Verification of Digital inputs and safeties where applicable


Equipment Overview Report

  • Includes pre-functional and Functional testing documents along with photographs and notes from field personnel

Corrective Action Report

  • Corrective Actions are itemized by building then by unit. Each issue regardless of size or impact will have a single line entry and photograph (where applicable)


  • Repairs are designated by trade and severity to allow for optimal ROI
  • Once complete, repairs are commissioned to ensure that proper unit operation has been achieved
  • Often, repairs can be completed overnight to minimize downtime of equipment

Continuous Performance Validation (MBCx)

CM3 also offers additional monitor-based commissioning services. With this solution, repairs and unit functionality are verified and continuously monitored to ensure the building and equipment continues performing as it was commissioned.

Other Commissioning Services

CM3 offers commissioning of new systems and re-commissioning of existing systems, as well as the more in-depth service of retro-commissioning. These commissioning services provide you with flexibility to determine how much you want done while still ensuring that your system is operating as it was originally intended.

BEPP Building Tune-Up Specialist

For customers with facilities in Philadelphia, CM3 is approved by Philadelphia’s Office of Sustainability as a Building Tune-Up Specialist. Building Tune-Up Specialists are approved to conduct building tune-ups as part of Philadelphia’s Building Energy Performance Program (BEPP).

Other Energy Efficiency Programs

CM3 is also currently seeking approval for other energy efficiency programs, such as the New Jersey Clean Energy Program. Please reach out for more information on our certification status on specific programs.


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