Pipe Rehabilitation

Certified Installer of the Nu Flow Patented Technology

At CM3 Building Solutions, our goal is to help you maximize the operations of your facility.  We continually investigate and assess the latest products, so we can bring the best technology to your doorstep.

And that’s why we proudly present Nu Flow’s patented technology.

Nu Flow manufactures and installs innovative green technologies to rehabilitate the inner infrastructure of deteriorated or failing potable, mechanical, gas, petroleum, and drain piping systems using in-place epoxy coatings and structural liners. Several lining options provide cost-effective solutions for use in virtually any type of pipe, in every market sector, installable in many types of environments.

The Technologies

Pipe lining or restoration employs non-invasive, in-situ technologies using epoxy coatings, structural liners, and innovative piping products to renew leaking or deteriorated host pipe systems that carry water, waste, gas, petroleum products, and electrical conduit. Our lining technology creates a pipe inside the host pipe by either coating the interior walls of pipes and mechanical systems or installing a new structural pipe to stop leaks, renew old systems, and bridge gaps in a void or missing pipe sections. The restoration is accomplished through either single-or double-entry access points with minimal disruption to scheduling, operation, or surfaces of structures, landscapes, and hardscapes.

Patents, Products, and Equipment

Epoxy coating meets or exceeds all industry standards for safety and performance. The life expectancy of the epoxy is estimated to be 100 years and so far, has withstood the test of time and every corrosive environment for more than 40 years in Japan and around 30 years in the United States. Nu Flow is a master licensee of the U.S. Navy’s patented epoxy and application process and maintains rights to 21 industry-partner patents.

Nu Flow structural lining products meet or exceed all industry ratings and standards for performance. Solutions consist of Patented CIPP drain lining technology and inversion lining technology.

Inside Infrastructure

Pipe rehabilitation will renew piping systems for any type of building, including commercial, municipal, federal, industrial, and residential properties. Below are the various plumbing systems that we can line.

  • Hot and Cold Potable Water Systems
  • Potable Water Risers
  • Compressed Air
  • HVAC // Hydronic and Chiller Systems
  • Fire Compression Systems
  • Vertical Sanitary Stacks
  • Horizontal sewer Branches and Mains
  • Roof Drain Systems
  • Processed Piping // Industrial Piping
  • Conduit Piping
  • Chemical Piping

Green Technology

Nu Flow’s pipe restoration technology is an Eco-friendly solution that creates no waste for landfills or recycling and does not generate carbon emissions during manufacturing. Traditional pipe replacement creates tremendous amounts of waste and requires equal amounts of new building materials. By retrofitting existing pipes with a structural liner or epoxy coating, Nu Flow saves the existing infrastructure and greatly extends its useful life without digging and destruction of existing landscapes and hardscapes or interior walls and ceilings.

These solutions also have environmental and health benefits. In sanitary systems, the lining stops leaks and breaks that otherwise cause pollution to watersheds and contamination of groundwater. The lining also prevents inflows and infiltration into sewer systems, which reduces the load on wastewater treatment facilities. In potable water systems, the epoxy coating prevents heavy metals and lead from leaching into drinking water. No matter where the system exists, Nu Flow’s solutions protect property and environment from the destructive impact of a leak.

Pipe rehabilitation eliminates corrosion and restores pipes to more efficient operation. By eliminating leaks, Nu Flow saves water in potable systems and other pressurized mechanical systems that otherwise need a steady supply of make-up water. A less obvious benefit is that by eliminating leaks and removing corrosion, this solution can reduce demand on pumps and thus save electricity. Even in compressed air systems, where significant amounts of pressure can be lost through a small hole in the pipe, a rehabilitated pipe leads to reduced demand on the air compressors, which also saves electricity.

In-Place Restoration

In-place restoration is a long-term solution for leaks, breaks, blockages, root intrusion, and sewer backups; prevents water damage and mold due to leaks; maintains water flow and in potable water lines; and is a protective barrier to lead leaching into drinking water from metal piping systems. Restoration of existing host systems is typically half the cost of traditional re-piping since there is little or no reconstruction cost generates no waste for landfills or recycling and does not emit carbon emissions during manufacturing. The average lining process takes about three days, compared with one to two months for a repipe within the same job scope. There is no occupant displacement and minimal disruption, if any, to water service.