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Public Address (PA) Systems

Whether Live Broadcast or Pre-Recorded Message, Communicate With Confidence!

CM3 Building Solutions deploys state-of-the-art Public Address systems that improve clarity and scalability, which decreases failure risk and miscommunication among building occupants.

Hands-Free Communication

Teaching Staff can communicate hands-free from any location in the classroom to office staff utilizing an open voice intercom.

Clarity is Key to Great Communication

Speakers inside the classroom provide superior sound quality, wide-area coverage, and intelligibility, ensuring that the dialog is error-free.

Reach The Right Person at the Right Time

Call switches are programmable to multiple levels of priority. Communication systems maintain the priority and call sequences of calls placed to the administrative consoles; the highest priority call always comes first.

Control Your Reach

Communication zones are easy to set up and manage. Using our Public Address visual console, paging zones are also clearly identifiable for administration. Access to each zone is achieved by simply touching the appropriate zone icon, and initiating a voice announcement.

Our Public Address Systems are also designed to scale as you grow. Manage your upgrade budget effectively by utilizing your pre-existing PA equipment, and upgrade at your pace by integrating with our seamlessly scalable solution.

Reduce Your Risk

CM3’s Public Address offering does not require network configuration or administration.

We have eliminated the need to provide equipment IP addresses and a DHCP server, which reduces vulnerabilities and ongoing system costs.

System Administration has been decentralized, which means no head-end, central server, on control equipment. This provides significantly higher up-times for your PA system and very little risk of system risk due to equipment failure.

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