Solutions for Multi-Family Properties

Turnkey Solutions for Multi-Residential Properties

Whether you are developing a new property or renovating an existing one, CM3 is the region’s leading partner for deploying building solutions.

We provide leading-edge products across the full range of building systems: building entry intercom, access control, wireless apartment entry locks, video surveillance, fire alarm, area of rescue, DAS / BDA, smart home technologies, tenant amenity apps, visitor management, package management, wireless networks, telecom infrastructure, and electrical services.

Our comprehensive suite of products ensures that your solution is built to your needs, rather than fitting your needs into one specific product line.

And, because we work across your building technologies, we can streamline the project management and simplify communications, giving you a single point of contact and accountability.

Access Control & Intercom

Provide controllable, flexible entry to buildings and amenities throughout the property. Enhance visitor access control with video intercom and remote unlock capability. Extend keyless entry from building entrance to apartment door with wireless smart locks.

Tenant Amenity Apps

Enhance the resident experience via tenant amenity mobile apps. Mobile notifications increase resident engagement and awareness. Streamline operations with app-based maintenance requests, amenity reservations, and online payments. Enhance resident relationships with community discussion boards and local offers.

Guest & Visitor Management

Tenants can provide temporary access to grant limited entry privileges to guests, visitors or service providers as needed without providing them a key, access control credential or the need to download an app.

Smart Home

Increase energy efficiency and comfort with smart lighting and thermostats. Provide peace of mind with smart sensors that alert to open windows or doors and detect leaks or frozen pipes. Control and monitor your home from anywhere via a single mobile app.

Fire Alarms

Enhance reliability with the latest communication technologies across both new and existing properties. Improve cost effectiveness with a fire alarm solution that provides simple setup, reliable operation, and smart features. Reduce your operating expenses by adding a dual path fire alarm cellular communicator which eliminate the need for costly land lines.

Video Surveillance

Tap into the simplicity and flexibility of intelligent video surveillance solutions. Extend real-time anomaly detection, proactive notifications, and smart search capabilities across your new and existing properties. Smart Search function enables easy search for objects, events, and images.

Life Safety

Ensure compliance with the latest life safety codes and guidelines while preparing for future developments. Add Bi-Directional Amplification throughout new and existing properties to deliver 99% wireless reliability when it is most needed. Provide Area of Refuge / Rescue solution for building occupants.

Security Enhancements

Enhance gated-entry communities with access control, intercom, and video surveillance that leverage artificial intelligence, video analytics, and license plate recognition. In mixed-use high-rise properties, strengthen building security with turnstiles and floor-restricted elevator control which require valid credentials to pass through turnstiles or to select specific floors.

Package Management

Streamline operations and ensure security for residents with a package management solution that include access control for building entry and package room entry and video surveillance for security and visual identification. Choose from smart package rooms or package lockers, designed to fit your property specifications and needs.

Telecom & Wireless Networks

Digital connectivity is no longer an amenity; it is a necessity. Both new construction and existing properties must have a network infrastructure to support current and future technologies. Wireless communications can be used to reduce cost, extend network in difficult-to-reach locations, and add network infrastructure in existing properties.


From smart homes to community apps, from mobile access to package management, we curate the industry's leading technology to deliver leading-edge solutions for your property.

How We're Different

We are committed to building long-term relationships. Our focus on collaboration, coordination, and communication with all stakeholders simplifies the construction process – whether your project is new construction or a property renovation.

And, our comprehensive suite of products and services ensures that you can deploy leading-edge solutions – whether you are a property manager striving for operational efficiency, or on the development side designing for the future.


We collaborate with developers and project stakeholders to understand their vision, then we design a system that transforms vision into reality.


As a certified partner for multiple manufacturers, we recommend, provide, and install the best solution to meet your project requirements.


Projects of any size require coordination between various trades. Multi-family projects are no exception, and the solutions we provide often require coordination between division 08, division 26, division 27, and division 28. Our turnkey solution simplifies this process: we turn external project coordination among various contractors into internal process management among trusted partners.


During construction, the risk of unforeseen problems or delays is a tangible concern for all stakeholders. Our emphasis on clear, consistent communication between trade partners and trusted vendors ensures materials are ordered and work is scheduled to align with project timelines. And, our philosophy is to be proactive and open with customers and partners, so everyone is working from the same playbook.