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Building Analytics


Building System performance impacts many aspects of a building. Properly maintained building systems and equipment prolong equipment lifecycles and improve operational integrity, reduce energy costs related to building operation, and provide healthier and more comfortable environments that increase occupant productivity.

When budgets are tight, one of the first budget lines to be reduced is the maintenance budget. Reduced Maintenance Budgets only provide short term benefits. Deferred maintenance, or avoided maintenance, drives higher long term costs.

Rather than reduce maintenance budgets to reach short term budget goals, technology should be utilized to help drive greater short term and long term value in a facility. Building analytics solutions provide a level of insight into facility operations previously impossible through traditional maintenance methods. Building Analytics provide ongoing real-time feedback on both the current state and long term trends of a system. The true value of a building analytics solution is its ability to identify issues before they become problems.

Rather than treating maintenance as an overhead burden, building analytics should be embraced for more effective control over building equipment and the building environment to reduce costs and increase revenues.


82% of equipment failures are random and cannot be avoided by preventive maintenance alone

Preventive Maintenance is vital to the long term health of a building’s HVAC system. But most maintenance programs are underfunded and rely on monthly or quarterly system wellness checks for verification of system health.

Frequency of monitoring defines whether issues are identified in a timely manner, or left undiagnosed until the issue becomes a failure. Preventive Maintenance combined with predictive monitoring ensures that changes in system health are identified early and addressed before equipment damage or failure occurs.

Building analytics provides ongoing predictive monitoring of all system equipment and provides actionable feedback when issues are identified.

Up to 29% Decrease in Unscheduled Maintenance

Emergency service and repair is the most expensive and least controllable type of service. When equipment is not monitored, the impact of equipment failure can increase exponentially.

Unscheduled Maintenance impacts the operational budget for an organization, but it also makes it far more difficult to define and manage manpower needs. Unscheduled Maintenance forces delays on otherwise scheduled work in a facility which creates a ripple effect of future risk for a facility.

Building Analytics provides the ability to anticipate maintenance needs, and plan the work into the schedule. A decrease in unscheduled maintenance reduces the cost of maintenance work performed, decreases the possibility of future emergency maintenance, and increases employee productivity and satisfaction.


Up to 20% Energy Cost Reduction

Continuous monitoring of your system helps rapidly identify issues before they can impact the system. In many cases, the issues will increase operational costs long before they create equipment failure. Issues, identified by our building analytics solution, and which have been addressed in a timely manner have driven up to 20% reductions in energy costs.

Up to 33% Fewer Occupant Complaints

Equipment issues don’t just impact operational costs. Issues create fluctuations in the building environment which increase occupant discomfort, which decreases productivity. Proactively responding to identified issues from our building analytics solution can increase occupant comfort, reduce complaints, and drive significantly higher levels of occupant productivity.

Since per-occupant costs typically the highest cost incurred by an organization, the value of increasing occupant comfort, thereby improving productivity, generates exponentially greater long term value for the building owner.


75% of a building’s lifetime cost will go toward maintenance and operating expenses.

Despite all of the planning and negotiating that goes into the first cost of a facility, it typically only accounts for 25% of the costs incurred through the lifecycle of a building. Technology has made the process of maintaining and optimizing facility operations more intentional and more beneficial toward the bottom line.

When embraced, and properly utilized, Building Analytics allows you to make the best use of maintenance and operational costs, and significantly extend the lifecycle of your buildings and equipment.

CM3 is your regional expert at deploying Building Analytics solutions for your building. Contact CM3 today to discuss how we can help you gain better control of your maintenance and operating budget, and drive higher levels of productivity throughout your facilities.

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