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Building Analytics

Real Time Actionable Intelligence to Protect your Investment

CM3 Building Solutions Building Analytics software helps building owners and operators find what matters in the sea of information produced by today’s smart systems. Our analytics solution analyzes building, energy and equipment data to identify issues, faults and opportunities for improved performance and operational savings.

Benefits of Building Analytics

  • Real Time System Analysis
  • Preemptive Fault Detection
  • Receive Recommended Actionable Items

Systems that Analytics Can be Applied to

  • Building Automation
  • Energy Management
  • Industrial Automation
  • Data Centers
  • Maintenance Repair Operations
  • Monitoring-Based Commissioning
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure
Three Step in the Analytics Process:


Utilizing the Project-Haystack tagging standard, communication and recognition of the collected data is easily understood by those managing CM3’s Analytics Solution.



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