St. Peter School


Founded in 1927, St. Peter School in Merchantville, New Jersey is a private, Catholic school serving 300 students from pre-K through 8th grade. The current facility was built in 1951 and consists of two stories plus a fully-utilized basement. In addition to classrooms, the school has a library, science lab, and nurse’s office, as well as media, music, and fine arts rooms.

The Challenge

As with many older facilities, the school needed to develop a comprehensive security and communication plan across its three levels and multiple entrance points. And, given budgeting challenges, the solution needed to be a phased approach across multiple fiscal years.

The Solution

After an extensive site and vendor capability assessment, CM3 proposed an integrated access control and intercom system with lockdown capabilities.

Although the initial project was developed prior to New Jersey’s Alyssa’s Law, St. Peter School and CM3 anticipated the need for a lockdown solution and incorporated that proactive objective into the security plan.

The proposed solution incorporated a phased, multi-year installation program to accommodate budgeting objectives while immediately enhancing security. And, the selected products leveraged open-architecture technologies which enabled future expansion and adaptation.

2020:  Access Control

The project encompassed the installation of an access control system for the exterior doors. The platform provided immediate secure access to the building and enabled lockdown capabilities via a lockdown button in the main office.

As demonstrated by its ability to satisfy Alyssa’s Law requirements, the open-architecture of the S2 system is both scalable and adaptable, thus assuring that future requirements in functionality and automation.

2021: Intercom Phase 1

CM3 installed a new Telecor headend, which allowed St. Peter School to maintain all existing equipment such as wiring, speakers, and amps, while still providing a new digital platform with bell schedules, maps, and numerous other features – all accessible with the click of a mouse. Also included in this initial phase were new digital clock speaker displays for enhanced communication in select classrooms.

The Telecor system is specifically designed to be an affordable, achievable mass communication platform. It readily leverages existing infrastructure while delivering enhanced functionality in critical areas, such as bell schedules and visual facility maps.

2022: Intercom Phase 2

CM3 delivered communication capabilities to another floor of rooms – each one receiving digital displays.

2023: Access Control and Intercom Phase 3

This tandem project provides for the installation of the BluePoint Lockdown System which simultaneously locks the doors, initiates emergency flash strobes, broadcasts an emergency message and notifies the police department and selected administration – enhancements which enable St. Peter School to meet the requirements of Alyssa’s Law. Additionally, the intercom project provides digital displays with built-in strobe lights for the remainder of the building.

2024 and Beyond

The final phase will be to completely outfit the building with the Telecor eSeries platform. Telecor eSeries is a network-based communication solution that integrates with a variety of devices. It delivers communication control across platforms – intercom, paging, clock synchronization and emergency messaging – all on the existing IT infrastructure.