A Special Services School District


A security services, public address system project for a public, special services school district serving over 2,500 students with special needs.

The Challenges

The school district was having multiple issues with their existing paging system. Over the years, their building wiring had been compromised due to outside contractors who had very little expertise in institutional intercom and paging.

Multiple failure points resulted in poor sound quality, amplifier failures, phone system compatibility issues and overall unreliability.

It became apparent that a new approach was needed: one that would not rely on the existing copper wiring structure.


Upon a recommendation from a neighboring school district with multiple schools, the Special Services School District reached out to CM3 Building Solutions to design a solution that would ensure flawless internal communications within a budget that could be supported.

The eSeries solution from Telecor was selected after reviewing the project specifications and budget. eSeries is a network-based Intercom and Paging system featuring PoE (Power over Ethernet) digital clocks, administrative consoles, intercom stations, speakers, and amplifiers. And, eSeries integrates directly with the school’s IP phone system for the initiation of PA announcements.

Not only did eSeries meet the project requirements but the scalable, hybrid approach ensured the school district could overcome their challenges while staying within budget.


After extensive site research of the various buildings, CM3 put together a multi-year plan that would align with the
school district’s budget. Phase 1 of the project included district wide pre-recorded messages and bridging between campus buildings. Emergency messaging displays were added to the gym and pool areas ensuring hearing impaired and physically impaired students can easily receive emergency communications.

Telecor eSeries uses Ethernet technology, Just-Plug-It-In!™ design, Power over Ethernet and a decentralized network structure to ensure easy wiring and simplified network planning.

The ability for the school district to make adjustments in software to the volume levels by classroom has added additional customization to the solution.