The Mill at Riverside


Blending the convenience of downtown living with the privacy of suburbia, the Mill at Riverside by Kokes Properties is a new, 190-unit, luxury development located in downtown Riverside, New Jersey.

The property features 2-bedroom townhomes and 1- and 2-bedroom apartments plus a state-of-the-art 3,000 sq. ft. clubhouse with free Wi-Fi, resident lounge, package delivery room, and fitness center.

The Challenge

As a leading property developer in the area, Kokes Properties recognized that managing occupant and visitor access tends to be resource-intensive, particularly in multi-residential properties. Traditional locksets and keys get misplaced or copied, leaving occupants inconvenienced and possibly unsafe. Additionally, to echo the sophisticated design of the property, the company wanted to implement a more modern, streamlined approach to access control.

The Solution

CM3 designed and installed a state-of-the-art access control and video surveillance system, including more than 200 wireless locks, 22 hardwired doors, 40 video surveillance cameras, and a cloud-based door entry intercom system that allows for communication between the visitor and tenant via their mobile device.

Of particular interest is the Identicard PremiSys access control system & Resident Manager app which take advantage of Schlage’s No Tour functionality to provide access control solution using wireless locks and traditional access control hardwired card readers. This provides a cost-effective solution that simplifies management of the system with a single user interface for access control device management and eliminates headaches and cost associated with traditional locksets and keys. To enhance the system and add future capabilities, all card readers and wireless locks are mobile-ready and able to use Schlage’s mobile credential in the future.

Access Control

Identicard PremiSys Professional & Resident Manager
  • Hardwired access control doors for building entry, common areas, and amenity spaces.
  • Integration of Schlage Control Series wireless locks
  • Integration with Hanwha Wave video management system

Building Entry Intercom

Commend’s Symphony
  • A cloud-based intercom solution
  • 5 Door Stations
  • 168 Apartment Units
  • Mobile device communication
  • Remote Door Release unlocks door from tenant’s mobile device.

Video Surveillance

Hanwha Wave Video Management Software
  • Megapixel video surveillance coverage of interior and exterior surveillance of the property.
  • 42 NDAA compliant Hanwha cameras which include single sensor, dual sensor, and multi-sensor IP megapixel video surveillance cameras.
  • Hanwha Wave video management software provides flexibility for viewing the property from any device, anywhere.

Network Infrastructure and Wireless Bridge Installation

  • 10 gigabit fiber optic infrastructure between buildings to build a single network requiring one ISP connection reducing both upfront and operational cost.
  • Siklu’s Millimeter wave gigabit wireless bridge connects one remote building that is physically located across the public roadway.
  • Installation and configuration of network switches and firewall for network security, VLANS and remote access via VPN.