Turnkey Auditorium Renovations

Bring your Auditorium into the Limelight

Your auditorium is the centerpiece of your school. High traffic and high profile, it is the headliner for the school and the community. However, with so many other priorities, auditorium renovations often get postponed.

If your auditorium is not the showstopper you want it to be, then we can help. With 20 years’ experience and many auditorium renovations, CM3 is your local auditorium modernization expert.

We work across departments to understand, design, coordinate, and implement a comprehensive auditorium renovation. And, we know that auditorium projects have a lot of moving parts. That’s why we offer turnkey service – you get one point of contact from project kick off to project sign off.

Stage: From Apron to Cyclorama

With access to the industry’s leading manufacturers, our design team works with musical and stage directors to choose the products that work best for their needs.

  • Curtains
  • Flooring
  • Drapery tracks
  • Theatrical lighting

Seating: Comfort, Safety, & Flexibility

Seating is much more than just choosing comfortable seats. Your auditorium should be safe, flexible, and accessible, and our engineering team custom designs for these goals, including installing egress lighting, and removeable seating.

  • Quality, Cushioned Seats
  • ADA Accessibility
  • Egress Lighting
  • Removeable Seating (Orchestra Pit)

Lighting: Low Heat & Energy + Versatility

Theatrical lighting communicates the essence of the activity on stage, but choosing the right product configuration can be daunting. Our team leverages the latest energy-efficient, flexible technologies to custom build a lighting configuration that delivers both affordability and versatility.

  • Follow spots
  • Par lights
  • Cyclorama track lighting

Projection Systems: Bright, Clear, Reliable

The latest projection systems are surprisingly affordable, while still offering the highest quality in brightness and resolution. A popular alternative to painting backdrops and building flats, these systems raise the bar for your school productions.

  • Easier implementation
  • More cost effective
  • More realistic

Sound: More than Body Mics

Our auditorium renovation experts can develop a custom microphone and loudspeaker configuration which provides better coverage with fewer body microphones. This provides greater flexibility, as well as alleviating potential sound problems when young actors and sound crew forget live mics.

  • Custom mic and speaker configuration
  • Hanging choral mics
  • Boundary mics
  • Body mics


In addition to renovating high school auditoriums, CM3 has experience designing and renovating community presentation and meeting spaces including:

  • Auditoriums
  • Large group instruction rooms
  • Courtrooms
  • Community meeting spaces


At CM3, we excel at delivering turnkey facility modernization solutions: whether you need a specific upgrade (auditorium, cafeteria, library) or a comprehensive renovation (heating, security, lighting).

How We're Different

We are committed to building long-term relationships. Our focus on collaboration, coordination, and communication with all stakeholders simplifies the renovation process.

And, our comprehensive suite of manufacturer offerings ensures that you can deploy the products that your team chooses, rather than having to choose between limited offerings.

We also offer flexible procurement paths (COSTARS, OMNIA, TIPS), as well as GESA Performance Contracting.

From Cyclorama to Sound Pit, from Stage Floor to House Lights, CM3 provides affordable, comprehensive auditorium renovations.