4 Ways to Maximize your Public Address System

Like most technologies, public address systems have come a long way — providing greater flexibility, control, and access.

And yet, unlike so many other current technologies that accelerate the pace of obsolescence, the PA systems that we install can often leverage existing infrastructure. This minimizes cost and disruption.

For our customers, CM3 typically installs the Telecor public address systems – and for good reason. Telecor is legendary for integrating with existing infrastructure, while still bringing the today’s best technologies to their systems. 

Some of the latest enhancements that are accessible to you, even with legacy PA systems, include:

Mobile Access Control

Telecor eMH lets users connect from anywhere using any IoT device.

  • Change or add bell schedules easily
  • Broadcast messages regularly, such as COVID awareness and social distancing reminders
  • Pre-record announcements so admins can broadcast messages even when they are off-site
  • Customize tones, textual messages, and broadcast schedules
  • Built-in emergency drill management
  • Maintenance portal enables off-site configuration changes and fault monitoring with automatic email notification

Graphical User Interface

Telecor Visual Console puts advanced graphics at your fingertips and gives you operational control right from the desktop. Floor plans can be displayed on your PC screen, providing a visual overview of the facility at a glance. Action tool bars and navigation icons provide total system control.

  • Easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Customizable operating screens
  • Simplifies routine call processing and operation activation
  • Dedicated emergency announcement functions including optional recorded message, tones, and scrolling text or coded messages
  • Distributes customizable audio recordings
  • Page individual zones, or dynamically combine zones with just a few clicks.

Virtual Call Station

Telecor eCall turns any PC into a call station and can be deployed on both fixed and mobile PC’s. A highly cost effective and flexible communication solution.

  • The user is automatically prompted to register their room location when moving from classroom to classroom
  • Mimics the physical eCS series call stations
  • Can be customized to combine various buttons and their associate features from different eCS series call station models
  • Compatible with Visual Console for eSeries
  • Add-on for eMH Master Clock and Message Host

High Definition Displays

Telecor VuAlert delivers flexible, high visibility digital signage. Emergency alarms from the eSeries system can be integrated to provide comprehensive visual and audio notifications throughout the facility.

  • Displays live weather advisories and alerts
  • Customizable backgrounds and color schemes
  • Unique messages can be assigned to groups of displays