4 Technologies for the Multi-Residential Industry

Whether your property is budget-friendly or luxury-focused, today’s building technologies can increase property value, strengthen security, and reduce operating costs.

Additionally, many new technologies leverage existing infrastructure and wiring, so system upgrades are simple and affordable.

Here are 4 technologies worth investigating – for both new and existing properties:

Intercom Enhancements

  • A variety of solutions deliver both wired and wireless intercom systems for installation and renovation flexibility.
  • Video intercoms can be retrofitted to existing units for even greater security.
  • Even existing voice-only analog systems can be upgraded with new panels and amplifiers for minimal cost and enhanced performance.

IP Cameras

  • Grainy pics are a thing of the past.  Today’s IP cameras effortlessly and affordably deliver HD 1080p.
  • Simple camera upgrades or additions can remove blind spots to enhance security.
  • Many cameras are designed to leverage existing wiring for affordable, streamlined installation.

Wireless Locks

  • Say goodbye to keys! Residents can lock and unlock doors with mobile credentials, fobs, or cards.
  • Low hardware costs and annual subscriptions make migration simple.
  • Web-based software delivers property access control from anywhere, thereby minimizing the on-site time for property management.
  • Mobile solutions enable enhanced resident access control for pet services, deliveries, and guests.

Community Apps

  • Connect residents with property managers to improve overall satisfaction and enhance property value.
  • Streamline operations via built-in integrations with your existing maintenance requisitions, rental payment, and access control systems.
  • Build a stronger overall community with enhanced communications for community events and local offers.

CM3 excels at integrating the latest technologies with existing infrastructure, as well as designing custom solutions for new properties. Please reach out for more information.