11 Features to Look for in a Visitor Management System

It’s no surprise that the pandemic has accelerated the move away from traditional pen and paper logbooks. Reduced staffing levels combined with sanitization concerns and wellness checks means automated visitor management is now essential for all organizations – regardless of size or function.

Here are the top 11 things to look for in the latest visitor management systems:

  1. Mobile credential issuance. Think “no touch.” Visitors log in via their mobile device using an App or a web client.
  2. Driver’s license and/or passport scanning abilities
  3. Temporary badge assignments – expiring times and access levels
  4. Management of restricted and banned lists – from the desktop or mobile device
  5. Onsite capabilities – Combined user interface/printer kiosk delivers a fully integrated, automated, plug-and-play visitor station. Enables self-enrollment, visit creation, automated check in/out, and badge printing.
  6. Customization – insurance releases, wellness attestation
  7. Visitor activity tracking and trails, including host, check in/out times, total working hours, and areas accessed
  8. Visitor verification via digital video integration with gated areas and entry points
  9. Visitor analytics, such as visitor flow, space optimization, and high traffic areas
  10. Multi-Factor Authentication at secure checkpoints via PIN or Biometric verification
  11. Data integrations – such as employee and visitor records to allow for uniform people protocols, policies, and auditing to ensure proper facility access

This information was inspired by content provided by Feenics. CM3 is a Feenics systems integrator.