Building Optimization

Making Your Buildings Smarter, More Comfortable, and More Efficient to Operate

Building System Optimization Technology is not designed to replace Building Automation Systems. They are designed to work in partnership with Building Automation systems to create a smarter solution.

CM3’s Building optimization solution responds to changing building load requirements, continually optimizing both the water and air side of the cooling system so that they work together in the most efficient manner possible. Utilizing self-tuning loops, our Optimization solution learns and adapts to your systems changing needs, providing continual recommissioning and persistent savings over time.

Benefits of CM3 Building Optimization:

  • Increased Efficiency Leading to Reduced Costs
  • Automated Fault Detection & Diagnostics
  • Comfort Improvements
  • Increased Equipment Life Cycle.
  • User Friendly System Interface
  • Vendor Independent Chiller Plant System Management

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CM3 Building Solutions, Inc designs, installs and optimizes the most advanced Building Automation Systems (BAS) in the market.

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Energy Services

CM3 Provides guaranteed solutions for modernizing and improving your facilities funded through energy, operating and capital cost savings.

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Maintenance Services

CM3 provides best in class service at all times whether on preventative maintenance inspections or at your most critical time of need.

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Security Services

CM3 provides security solutions, specializing in video surveillance, access control, intrusion, and emergency communication/notification systems.

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