JAVA’s Plug-In for Web Browsers has Reached End-Of-Life

Oracle, the developer and supporter of JAVA, announced in Late January 2016 that they are eliminating support for the JAVA Plug-in for Web Browsers.

In light of this announcement, action must be taken for your Building Automation System (BAS) to continue functioning properly.


In its simplest form, JAVA has been a required programming platform which allows users to view and interface with many programs. While JAVA can be a stand alone platform, there is also a JAVA Plug-in for web browsers which provides interactive capabilities through the web browsers for many programs, including your Building Automation System.

Like many plug-ins, the JAVA Plug-in has been a favorite pathway for hackers to access secure systems. While JAVA will continue to be supported, support for the JAVA Plug-in for web browsers will be eliminated by the end of 2016.


Most Web-Based BAS graphics developed prior to 2015 were developed to be viewed utilizing the industry-standard JAVA Plug-in. Current systems and software revisions have developed their graphics interface utilizing HTML5 which is the current industry standard, and is native to most current Web Browsers.

Once ORACLE stops supporting the software used to view your BAS System graphics and web browsers eliminate the software, the BAS System will no longer be viewable. The system will continue to run, but it can no longer be seen or controlled.

Your system will be “Flying Blind.”


There are several options to avoid being impacted by the JAVA Plug-in end-of-life. The best option for every facility is to upgrade to a Building Automation System utilizing HTML5 and eliminate the need for JAVA.

Many factors influence upgrade options and the capability of each facility to pursue the appropriate upgrade. Factors like the age of your system, the revision of system software currently running on your BAS System, and budget constraints all play a role in assessing the right path forward for each customer.

The Best Immediate Course of Action is to contact CM3 Building Solutions to discuss what solution is best for your facilities. CM3’s knowledgeable staff can help define the best path forward for you.

The time to act is now, while JAVA is still supported. Once ORACLE, the developer of JAVA, ends support of the product, your options may be significantly reduced.

Please contact either your CM3 Sales Representative or Daniel Naylor immediately.

Phone: (215) 322-8400

Email: [email protected]

JAVA End-of-Life Brochure

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